Feed presses

  • from 600kN Bruderer BSTA60 HSL with table sizes 760x920mm and installation height 275mm
  • to 2500kN Schüler servo press (incl. transfer) with table sizes 1100x2500mm and installation height 600mm
  • process metal sheets with a thickness of material of 0.2mm to 6mm at a maximum strip width of 600mm

Progressive presses

  • from 630kN with 13 stages
  • to 2500kN with 22 stages
  • produce parts with a material thickness up to 3mm, at Ømax=100mm and a maximum height of 110mm.
  • Meaningful linkage with other processing steps (metal cutting, grinding, testing,...) for large series is standard.

Mechanical presses and welding machines

  • up to 600kN for inlays are ready at our low wage-cost location in Portugal.
  • Spot welding machines
  • Mig/Mac KUKA-Robotic welding cell